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In 2015, Creative Migration supported the D.N.A. as its fiscal sponsor to continue its efforts and to plant parkway strips with fruit trees. The long-term goal is to transform Del Aire into a place where anyone can walk down the street and simply pick fruit from the trees.

Del Aire Neighborhood Association (D.N.A.) planned to beautify their neighborhood by furthering an environmental, art project started in 2012 by Fallen Fruit. In lieu of a painting or a statue, these artists opted to plant a producing, fruit orchard in Del Aire’s neighborhood park. The spirit of this collaboration is to grow food and engage the community.

Comissioned by the Los Angeles County Department  of Cultural Affairs, D.N.A. worked with the Department of Public Works to tear up the paved, median strips on its surrounding main boulevards, and replace the asphalt with native (water-sipping) plants and trees to create a beautiful and sustainable greenway.

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