Climate Crisis Hotline


Have you ever experienced Climate Despair or Eco-Anxiety? Do terms like Solastasia resonate with you?

Call 1-833-EMO-4ECO → leave us a voice message to express your fears, anger, grief and/or confusion concerning the state of our planet. All messages will be anonymously added to our ongoing archive of collective expression.


During Field Workshop: Action Projects at the Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, we developed a confessional space to discuss the paralyzing melancholia induced by environmental distress.

Experts and volunteers were invited to collectively research, design and prototype the hotline through a series of onsite/online workshops and discussions. This was re-adapted from a larger project about Climate Despair and Eco-Anxiety to engage with the public during the pandemic. This project culminated with the public calling 1-833-EMO-4ECO and speaking to us live on KCHUNG Radio.

Since September 2021, Climate Crisis Hotline has become an active part of the Hollywood Climate Summit, an annual gathering of the entertainment community to address the Climate Crisis.

Climate Crisis Hotline (est. in 2020) is a project co-created with the collective Space Saloon.

This is a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental space to contribute your voice to this public experiment. Tell us what’s on your mind, share a story, or confess a secret, we’re here to listen.

This ongoing project collects data through our dedicated voicemail system.

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Lacking Language
Wednesday, August 26
11am - 12:30pm PT View the workshop PDF
Join the collective Doc

Talking / Listening
Thursday, August 27
11am – 12:30pm PT
View the workshop PDF
Join the collective Doc

Confession Sessions
Friday, August 28
1pm – 5pm PT

Hotline Live
Saturday, August 29
2pm – 5pm PT
Call: 1-833-EMO-4ECO

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