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In 2020, we co-created the Climate Crisis Hotline with the collective Space Saloon.

During Field Workshop: Action Projects at the Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, we developed a confessional space to discuss the paralyzing melancholia induced by environmental distress.

Experts and volunteers were invited to collectively research, design and prototype the hotline through a series of onsite/online workshops and discussions. This project culminated with the public calling 1-833-EMO-4ECO and speaking to us live on KCHUNG Radio. This program is still on-going, and we hope to expand on it in late 2021.

Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (ICA LA)
August 26-29, 2020

Lacking Language
Wednesday, August 26
11am - 12:30pm PST
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Talking / Listening
Thursday, August 27
11am – 12:30pm PST
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Confession Sessions
Friday, August 28
1pm – 5pm PST

Hotline Live
Saturday, August 29
2pm – 5pm PST
Call: 1-833-EMO-4ECO
Visit: climate-crisis-hotline.live

With the understanding that the Climate Crisis is deeply entwined with other ongoing injustices and struggles, we host a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental space to verbally confront the topic of Solastasia, the paralyzing melancholia induced by environmental distress.

During Field Workshop, we successfully prototyped the Climate Crisis Hotline. Similar to a confession booth or wishing well, our multi-faceted platform seeks to validate individuals' concerns and give everyone an opportunity to participate in a community dialogue. Through a variety of outreach and engagement methods, we continue to invite members of the public to connect, unwind and respond.

It is our intention to collate this ongoing research and feedback into a live-archive; both our ‘behind the scenes’ office and immersive archive of voices form an experimental tableau of collective aural expression.

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