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In late September 2008, we documented the artist collective, Red76, and their Revolutionary Spirit project in collaboration with Creative Time's Democracy in America campaign in New York City. Coincidentally, the global financial crisis was just beginning, and we had no idea what a profound moment in history we were about to capture. WHERE'S MY REVOLUTIONARY SPIRIT? was generously funded through Kickstarter and private donations.

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[ EP. 1 ]
The Battery Republic
Late September.  2008.  New York City.  The dawn of the Financial Crisis. Here we find a small artist collective called Red76.  They hail from Portland, Oregon.  They've traveled across the country, investigating "Revolutionary Spirit" and what that means in today's society. 

To test this idea, they created a pop-up tavern called the Battery Republic.  This is their story.

[ EP. 2 ]
Sam GouldSam Gould talks about founding Red76 and his journey over the past 10 years leading this collective.

[ EP. 3 ]
Gabriel Mindel SalomanGabriel Mindel Saloman discusses how he became involved with Red76 and his background as an artist living in the Pacific Northwest.

[ EP. 4 ]
Zefrey Throwell Zefrey Throwell tells us about his work as an artist in NYC and how he became a part of Red76.

[ EP. 5 ]
JRSWe learn about Red76's grassroots publication called the "Journal of Radical Shimming" (JRS).

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