The Fainting Club

Creative Migration is the proud fiscal sponsor of The Fainting Club, founded by artist Zoe Crosher.

New York Times, T Magazine (Nov 5, 2014)

The Fainting Club is an old boys’ club, for girls. It gathers over food and drinks when inspiration strikes, and aims to strike its members with inspiration. It celebrates and draws creative women from multiple disciplines—artists, writers, filmmakers, chefs, musicians—and welcomes any and all like-minded souls.

Started in Los Angeles and based on the knowledge that strong, interesting and intelligent women are more powerful as a group, the club has begun to expand internationally. It now has chapters in New York, Mexico City, London and Hong Kong. All new members must be invited in person or, if distance prevents this, verbally, as connection and conversation are key to the club’s purpose. The only requirement for joining is a generous, collaborative spirit and a willingness to support other women."
- Charlotte Druckman (New York Times, T Magazine)

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