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Telluris: Studies on a Universal Mountain
Noémie Goudal


In 2017, French artist Noémie Goudal and Creative Migration collaborated on Telluris as a photographic series on various dry lake beds in California’s Mojave Desert. During the shoot, the impact of the wooden structures was realized. For the first time, the artist decided to display the sculpture, as well as the images.

Telluris was first conceived in the Californian desert. Inspired by the frames of fake mountain scenery, these drawings evoked the lines of the so-called “sacred” mountains. However, through this typology of forms, the artist was directly inspired by René Daumal’s Mount Analogue. Her work compares the space of the sacred with a space that becomes “universal,” thus reaching a new form of spirituality.

Telluris was first exhibited at the Filles du Calvaire Gallery in November 2017, then at the Edel Assanti Gallery in London in January 2018. The exhibition was also on tour at the Fotografiska Museum of Stockholm and at the Finnish Museum of Photography of Helsinki in Spring 2018.

Telluris, Edel Assanti Gallery (2018)

In September 2018, Telluris, along with new related works, was exhibited during a residency at the Neutra VDL House in Los Angeles, the prior home and studio of acclaimed mid-century modern architect Richard Neutra.
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