Creative Migration was honored to curate French photographer and visual artist Noémie Goudal‘s Research Residency at the historic Neutra VDL House in Silver Lake, Los Angeles from September 21 to October 10, 2018. Throughout her stay, Goudal conducted research for a forthcoming exhibition in California that will also be curated by Creative Migration.

In this icon of Californian mid-century modernism, Goudal investigated the unique architectural environment of Richard Neutra’s former Los Angeles home and work space. She studied the famous architect’s relationship to nature and how it relates to her own work. Goudal also reflected on the Anthropocene epoch that has shifted the Earth’s geology and ecosystems. By observing nature through the eyes of the past, the resulting exhibition will aim to illustrate how humans have attempted to control the vast and unpredictable natural world.

Goudal’s work often explores the tension between contemplated, experienced and constructed spaces: to go beyond the slightly antiquated practices of photography, which provoke controversy on the medium’s capacity to invent reality, or to reveal truth as false and vice versa. Her images and sculptures act as heterotopias, creating spaces of otherness that are simultaneously physical and mental, while seemingly portraying both a past and present state of affairs.

As part of the residency, Goudal was joined by Paris-based designer/artist Victoria Wilmotte from September 21 to September 30. Wilmotte was fascinated by the work of Richard Neutra which had been important sources of inspiration for her. Both artists studied at the Royal College of Art London, UK and have previously collaborated on projects that combine photography and design.

On October 6, 2018, our organization put together a public artist talk entitled In Search of the First Line at the VDL House to introduce the artist and her work to American audiences. Goudal was in conversation with writer/editor Lyra Kilston, moderated by independent curator/writer Asha Bukojemsky. This event was made ZERO WASTE by Sustain LA and supported by San Antonio Winery.

The Neutra VDL House began its artist-in-residence program in 2010, inviting artists and designers to spend time at the house and to create in-situ installations that respond to either the house, the period in which the house was built or the history of Richard Neutra. Prior residents include Mexican artist Santiago Borja (2010), French artist Xavier Veilhan (2012), American artist Bryony Roberts (2013), Colombian architect/landscape architect Luis Callejas (2014), Swiss artists Les Frères Chapuisat (2016), Mexico City-based design teams Frida Escobedo, Pedro&Juana and Tezontle (2017) and Paris/Berlin-based design studio BLESS (2018). Over the years, their interventions have continually reinvigorated the space and captivated the public.

For more details, please see our official press release here.

This artist residency was funded by the International School of Los Angeles (LILA) and the Cultural Services of the French EmbassyCette résidence d’artiste a été financé par le Lycée International de Los Angeles (LILA) et les Services Culturels de l'Ambassade de France aux Etats-Unis.

L to R: Lyra Kilston, Susannah Tantemsapya, Noémie Goudal & Asha Bukojemsky

In loving memory of Dion Neutra - watch our impromptu interview

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