June 21-24 2023

Hollywood Climate Summit

The Hollywood Climate Summit is an annual multi-day conference that creates a community space for thousands of cross-sector entertainment and media professionals to take action on climate. It gathers filmmakers, executives, artists, activists, climate organizations, scientists, and other experts primarily based in LA, as well as from around the world, for interactive action-oriented programming and professional development opportunities.

Creative Migration continued its partnership with the Hollywood Climate Summit for the 2023 event. Taking place in Los Angeles, California, the event had both in-person and digital only tickets allowing anyone in the world to follow along with each day’s events online.

As an advisory board member of the Hollywood Climate Summit, I realize the importance of leveraging Hollywood and culture to create action around solving the climate crisis. The Hollywood Climate Summit is an event of panels, workshops, activations and parties that not only celebrate our community but bring us together to build a better future for all!

This year’s conference included panels with highly influential figures, such as Jane Fonda and the Oscar-winning team from Everything Everywhere All At Once. Some of the topics included: climate fashion trends, sustainable production, the creation change through social media, intergenerational conversations, decolonization of climate storytelling, disability representation in climate storytelling.

Read more about this past year’s programming HERE.

June 23-24 2023

Artist Residency: Francisco Lopez

World-renowned audio-artist and experimental musician, Francisco López performed the world premiere of his new sound composition, ‘HIMAVANTA’ at Bangkok 1899 on 23 - 24 June. These performances were the second part of a two-part residency supported by the Embassy of Spain in Bangkok. They were created exclusively with original environmental recordings of Thailand’s rainforests, which were recorded during the first part of the artist’s one month residency last September-October at Bangkok 1899.

During his residency, López utilized his philosophy of exploring the sensorial and ontological reality with a blind, profound and tran
scendental listening, reinterpreting what he calls an ‘anthropoEXcentric’ understanding of wilderness sound environments and sonic creatures. López’s new performances worked creatively with a myriad of these new original materials and live sound spatialization. His performances gave rise to a new and unique immersive experience of Thailand’s rainforests.

Download our press release here.
February 10 - April 8 2023

Artist Residency: Elvire Bonduelle

“A dictator of happiness” is how Elvire Bonduelle (1981, Paris) defines herself and her art, devoted to domestic comfort. Eluding limitations of media - spanning painting, installation, usable sculptures, video, and performance, - and categorizations of her practice, Elvire deliberately refers to Arts & Crafts and design, creating artworks which, in a very personal way, intend to be solutions for people, making their life better and happier.

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