August 30, 2011

100% Funded - We Kicked It!

Our hearts are filled with joy! Thank you for supporting this project, we are honored by your generosity. Stay tuned as our story continues - you are now part of our green film adventure!


August 29, 2011

Filter Magazine Feature

Great blog post in Filter Magazine for the last day of our Kickstarter campaign!


August 29, 2011

“Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.”
- Mark Twain

It’s the last day of our Kickstarter campaign, it’s been a long haul!

Our acceptance to Project Green had accelerated our entire filmmaking process. It’s totally kicking my ass in the best way possible.

It has also allowed all of us to be more thoughtful about our consumption, habits and the challenges of being as green as possible. For instance, I used a disposable plastic cup for my iced coffee today because there wasn’t another option at the coffee shop – but, I did recycle it!

We ended up hiring an amazing PR/social media/marketing rep, Hilary White. It’s been such an intense, learning curve. I feel a million times more capable in this important aspect of filmmaking. I finally learned how to tweet properly, there’s an actual science behind it – also, the proper etiquette for Facebook and mass emails!

We have figured out how to position our project and the language to use. This has definitely developed our narrative, which is invaluable. I definitely feel that we have reached a new level of professionalism through this process. This would not have happened without this intense timeline.
Here’s a few press blogs that came out the weekend:

Extending our outreach virtually is definitely a greener way to go (and saves $$). We’ve raised $2,000 in 3 days and are 60% funded on our Kickstarter campaign which ends by 11pm PST tonight.
Also, we have some exciting updates:
  • Shepard Fairey just donated 20 signed prints for the last days of our campaign - 14 prints left!
  • The Canary Project has generously offered to provide matching funds of $500 once we raise a minimum of $5,000.

It’s the last day of our Kickstarter campaign: we need your help NOW to raise $2,800 in less than 24 hours!
The opportunities for you - when you contribute to Green Patriot Posters you will:
  • Learn to minimize your carbon footprint
  • Join us as we model and educate the public about sustainable environmental practices
  • Participate in a global community of artists, filmmakers, photographers, writers, publishers, activists and citizens advocating for social change
  • Get rewards including film credits, cool stickers, posters, copies of the Green Patriot Poster book, autographed copies of the book, and more
  • Make a tax deductible contribution to Creative Migration

PLEASE DONATE to the Green Patriot Posters film and take actions towards a safe, green future when you click this link now: kck.st/nCrEIY

With love,

August 28, 2011

Argot & Ochre #2

Thanks to writer Daniel Rolnik for our second piece in Argot & Ochre!

August 28, 2011

Amoeba Music Blog Post on our Green Patriot Posters film!

Thanks Eric Brightwell! Check out Amoeba’s blog here!

August 26, 2011

We’re written up on the Obey Giant blog!

JUST IN! Shepard Fairey donated 20 more signed prints for the last days of our campaign!!!

August 26, 2011

Make a Donation & Join a Campaign to Mobilize for Art & Climate Change

Filmmaker and social activist: Susannah Tantemsapya

My passion is art and social activism. I am the Founder and Executive Director of Creative Migration, a non-profit organization that produces documentary films promoting art projects that inspire artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers, environmental activists and everyday citizens to promote and practice social change.

The film project: Green Patriot Posters
Our film builds on the momentum of Green Patriot Posters, a multi-channel campaign centered on posters that encourage all U.S. citizens to take part in building a sustainable economy. It has already reached 4-5 million people through bus ads, billboard campaigns, museum exhibitions and media coverage.
Here's the main story of our short documentary film:
  • the vivid and compelling poster campaign at 8 bus shelters in San Francisco during December 2010
  • the evolution and scope of the project including interviews with its founders and contributors
  • the sustainable practices used and modeled throughout the campaign and filmmaking process

WATCH HERE: kck.st/okd0Yz
The communications campaign: a series of posters promoting environmental awareness and action
  • These posters were selected from Green Patriot Posters, created and curated by Edward Morris (co-founder of The Canary Project) and Dmitri Siegel (Director of Marketing at Urban Outfitters)
  • Morris and Siegel commission posters from design leaders, and have developed an online community for sharing and voting on original designs. The posters are then distributed as widely as possible, including an ecologically designed book, public advertising, workshops and our documentary film!

The players: artists, advocates and urban dwellers
We’re interviewing the following contributors/award-winning graphic artists: Shepard Fairey in Los Angeles, DJ Spooky and Michael Bierut in New York City and Mathilde Fallot in Paris; advocates for best environmental practices for artists; and people on the street who encountered these dynamic posters.
The environmental conference: Project Green
We are super excited because Green Patriot Posters is the only American film that has been invited to participate in Project Green, a sustainable filmmaking initiative and an environmental conference being held in Stockholm, Sweden in October 2011.

The opportunities for you - when you contribute to Green Patriot Posters you will:
  • Learn to minimize your carbon footprint
  • Join us as we model and educate the public about sustainable environmental practices
  • Participate in a global community of artists, filmmakers, photographers, writers, publishers, activists and citizens advocating for social change
  • Get rewards including film credits, cool stickers, posters, copies of the Green Patriot Poster book, autographed copies of the book, and more
  • Make a tax deductible contribution to Creative Migration

PLEASE DONATE to the Green Patriot Posters film and take actions towards a safe, green future! Help out and spread the word!

August 21, 2011

From Adriano Valerio, Mentor to Creative Migration!

Read it on Project Green's blog:
I’ve had a long skype conference with Susannah from Creative Migration.  Their ambitious documentary project on Green Patriot Posters is making big steps.  A rough cut of the existing footage has already been accomplished and they still have some interesting interviews scheduled.  They are pre-producing interviews in New York with Michael Bierut and with Dj Spooky, which will follow an LA shoot with Dmitri Siegel.  Two different local crews will work on the project in order to reduce the people transportation to the minimum and respect Project Green guidelines and values.

Still a lot of work it do in order to have a final cut for the Stockholm screening, but the project starts to take a precise and intriguing form.

One major detail: Fundraising is still open and Creative Migration needs some more help. Please give your support and help share the news: kck.st/okd0Yz
Find out more about Adriano Valerio:  adrianovalerio.com

August 21, 2011

Mathilde Fallot says “Become a GREEN PATRIOT!”

Read it on Project Green’s blog
The lovely Mathilde Fallot invites you to join our movement into greater sustainability! Pledge to our Kickstarter campaign by August 29th and make a difference …

In keeping with our sustainable filmmaking actions, we did a quick video with contributor Mathilde Fallot via Skype on the iPad. We plan to interview her in Paris after our Project Green screenings in Stockholm.
Thanks to one of our mentors, Guillaume Wolf (Prof. G), we are starting daily videos for the rest of our Kickstarter campaign. This will log our progress AND make our project more personal/dynamic. With 9 days left, we are reinvigorating our campaign to encourage more audience participation in our green adventure!
We have also decided to film short vignettes on sustainable actions we are taking during our production. This will really help us adapt to new pro-environmental behavior by actually documenting how we doing it and sharing it with you. Stay tuned for that …
Merci beaucoup!

August 18, 2011

Seasons of Change: full steam ahead on a shoe string …

Read it on Project Green’s blog: “What if the seasons didn’t mean anything anymore? And climate behaved unpredictably? You don’t really want to hear about global warming but increasingly you will have to.” – Mathilde Fallot

Production for Project Green comes with its own set of challenges, primarily the time crunch we are now facing. Oh Kickstarter, it was so much easier to raise funding last year when we weren’t in production during a campaign. I keep “kicking” myself that we chose 44 days instead of the full 60  days. But, it’s not over. We have 12 days left, and a lot of faith that we will make out goal.  Here comes the big push – it’s gotta happen!

We have some good news:
  • LA and NYC crews are all set (volunteers supplying their own equipment)!
  • NYC interviews and locations confirmed – DJ Spooky at Center for Architecture and Michael Bierut at Pentagram
  • NYC accommodations courtesy of Pachyderm Consulting
  • NYC flights courtesy of my frequent flyer miles!
  • recording a Skype message this Friday from Mathilde Fallot for a Kickstarter!!!!
  • getting the rest of our crew outfitted with FCP7 courtesy of our steadfast supporter Eric Kim

I spoke with our mentor, Adriano Valerio, last night. He has been very helpful in guiding us through our creative process. We decided to speak again once we have a new version of our rough cut, which also leaves enough room for the interviews in September.
Please help Creative Migration make this happen (and as “greenly” as possible); not only will your pledge help our project, but your donation is tax deductible and we’ll send you some pretty cool take-aways!  

Please check out our 3 minute video to learn more: kickstarter.com/projects/creativemigration/green-patriot-posters-project-green-nomad-films

Many thanks,

August 11, 2011

20% funded on Kickstarter + the challenges along the way …

Read it on Project Green's blog:
We are 20% funded for our documentary short film on Green Patriot Posters.  Raising fund via crowd-sourcing is always stressful and of course, there’s no guarantee that we will make our goal.  This definitely adds an intensity to our entire production.

In planning the next couple of months, we have some changes/developments:
  • NYC production dates will be around September 10-15 to interview DJ Spooky and Michael Bierut.  We are planning to stay with friends, use public transit and eat responsibly while there.
  • Dmitri Siegel is moving to Los Angeles the beginning of Sept., so we do not have to travel to Philadelphia anymore.  We can interview him locally.
  • We now are interviewing Mathilde Fallot in Paris after our screenings in Stockholm.  She also has graciously agreed to design our documentary’s poster!  The added travel to Paris balances out not going to Philadelphia.  It makes sense to get this interview done while we are already in Europe, it saves money and cuts down on our carbon footprint (see our blog post on sustainable travel).
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to coordinate with Geoff McFetridge before October due to scheduling conflicts.  This is disappointing, but he is still able to sign 10 books for our Kickstarter rewards.
  • We have a new part-time assistant - Aleks (Leks) Aouad!  Thanks to our pro bono lawyer/board member Jeffrey R. Boxer for his generous donation of paying Leks 10 hours a week to work on Creative Migration.
  • We have a business manager - Debbie Lippert - she is helping us fine tune our finances – preparing our non-profit to get some major funding!
  • Thanks to The Canary Project donating 20 books to our campaign, we lowered the reward from $100 pledge to $60!

p.s. Please vote for our teaser on Climate Change TV - the video with the most votes gets awarded $5,000:  climate-change.tv/  this will help us purchase more equipment in order to keep our production team small and green.

August 10, 2011

How do we travel sustainably for our production?

Read it on Project Green's blog:
How do we travel sustainably for our production?

We realized air travel is the biggest environmental impact for this production (including our flight to Sweden for Project Green) when we calculated our carbon emissions for our production with Brighter Planet. Here are a couple free travel planning plugins we are using, which give us a better sense of our impact:

Careplane inserts carbon footprints into travel search sites
TripCarbon automatically estimates the carbon impact of all of travel

Any other plugins we might consider checking out? And/or ways we can minimize our impact even while traveling via air, etc? We’re open to your thoughts/ideas/etc, so please please share!
More soon on other aspects of our project!

August 1, 2011

Creative Migration launches Kickstarter campaign for Project Green + first Skype w/ mentor!

Read it on Project Green's blog:
We have launched a fundraising/media campaign via Kickstarter to complete our short film for Project Green: kck.st/okd0Yz
Our new website has launched: creativemigration.org

Skype session with our mentor Adriano Valerio about how to document our sustainable filmmaking process - outlining specific examples of what we could have done conventionally, but how we decided to do the same thing sustainably.

This makes Project Green stand out from other film initiatives – here’s some of our first implementations:
-  pre-production/production materials electronically instead of using paper
-  re-chargeable batteries
-  public transport instead of cars
-  reusable water bottles instead of purchasing disposable
-  purchasing carbon offsets
* We’re scheduling our interviews, travel and additional press this week  - more updates soon!
** Here’s a recent PR blog about Creative Migration – despite several incorrect facts – it’s still pretty great – will let you know when it’s been fixed: argotandochre.com/2011/07/creative-migration-documents-socially-responsible-artists

June 23, 2011

Proposal accepted: Project Green for NOMAD Films!

Our documentary on Green Patriot Posters has been selected for Project Green, a sustainable filmmaking initiative launched by NOMAD Films and Global Action Plan Sweden in April 2011, which includes mentorship throughout the production and screenings of the final project during October 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden.
It's official - we're going GLOBAL!

June 18, 2011

Artist Bailout update: mini-GRANT runner-up!

Artist Bailout - we got a runner-up award of $250 in the grant competition. The votes we so close (1 or 2 votes difference) that they made an exception with the extra funds and created a runner-up prize! The 2 winners got $500 each.

June 18, 2011

Artist Bailout

We're competing for a micro-grant tonite for Creative Migration in Atwater Village (LOS ANGELES) - there's a delicious dinner included. The funds will go towards buying Sennheiser lavaliers (microphones) for interviews + additional external hard drives. It's for the project we're developing called THE GREEN AMERICAN ROAD TRIP. Here are the details! Bring a friend (or two) ...

Date/Time: Saturday, June 18, 2011 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Price: $10 (includes dinner and a ballot) or $5 (ballot) only
Event Schedule:
5pm-6pm: Dinner is served
6pm-7pm: Artist project presentations
7pm-7:30pm: Voting and update from past Bailout winners
7:30pm-8pm: Grant presentation for the winning artist projects
Location: Atwater Crossing: 3191 Casitas Avenue, rm 165 (Corner of Casitas and Minneapolis) Los Angeles, CA 90039
Phone: 213-220-0295

May 12, 2011

Open Engagement

We're presenting a panel for Open Engagement at Portland State University - discussing past, present and future work – including a  preview screening of the new short film, The Green American Road Trip - here's the details:

Saturday, May 14th, 2011
Creative Migration
"People and Publics"
Autzen Gallery, Neuberger Hall

Panelists include:
Gabriel Mindel-Saloman (Red76)
Colin Mutchler (LoudSauce/Green Patriot Posters)
Susannah Tantemsapya (Creative Migration)
Christopher Steidle (Creative Migration)

* events are first come, first serve, so get there early if you want to see us in action -
* note – Colin Mutchler is taking the place of Edward Morris to discuss the Green Patriot Posters project

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