CREATIVE MIGRATION is a women-led, international arts organization based in Los Angeles and Bangkok.

Our mission is to advance cultural diplomacy through the three pillars of art, public engagement and sustainability. 
Our programming builds relationships and develops collaborations through three primary strands:

    • Artist Residencies & Creative Hubs
    • Site-specific Installations
    • Transmedia Projects

“Creative Migration is a visionary organization that harnesses the power of art in an interconnected world. With a focus on social practice, the work of Creative Migration builds long-term relationships that foster community impact far beyond the life of the project. Their interdisciplinary approach addresses systemic change. From examining urban planning to creating opportunities for communities to break bread, their projects are engaging, thoughtful and impactful.”

Debra Scacco, Artist & Advisory Board Member
* more reviews on Great Nonprofits

Moving forward in 2021...

Creative Migration is very grateful to our steadfast team, allies and the public for helping us tide over a strange and difficult period. 

Check out last year’s highlights in the USA:

And from Bangkok 1899 (our cultural & civic hub):

Money is tight for everyone, we totally understand. There are a few, small ways to support us while you shop for your day-to-day needs: 

  • Amazon matches 5% of all purchases to our nonprofit at no cost to you. Please bookmark the Creative Migration page for all future shopping - 

Regular, old-fashioned DONATIONS are welcomed too!

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