Have you ever experienced Climate Despair or Eco-Anxiety? Do terms like Solastasia resonate with you?

Call 1-833-EMO-4ECO → leave us a voice message to express your fears, anger, grief and/or confusion concerning the state of our planet. All messages will be anonymously added to our ongoing archive of collective expression.

Climate Crisis Hotline (est. in 2020) is a project by Creative Migration and Space Saloon. This year, we are teaming up with the Hollywood Climate Summit to provide Entertainment Industry players a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental space to contribute your voice to this public experiment. Tell us what’s on your mind, share a story, or confess a secret, we’re here to listen.

Get your tickets to the Summit (Sept 23-26, 2021), and come say hello at our Virtual Booth!

The Hollywood Climate Summit is an annual gathering of the entertainment community to address the Climate Crisis.

Produced by the social impact agency YEA! Impact, the programming was developed in collaboration with the agency’s fiscally sponsored coalition, Young Entertainment Activists, and its Jr. Executive Board, which consists of 50 young Hollywood leaders and changemakers.

This year, the producers are calling for a unified collective effort to take action on environmental priorities.

CREATIVE MIGRATION is a women-led, international arts organization based in Los Angeles and Bangkok. Our mission is to advance cultural diplomacy through the three pillars of art, public engagement and sustainability.

Our programming builds relationships and develops collaborations through three primary strands:

    • Artist Residencies & Creative Hubs
    • Site-specific Installations
    • Transmedia Projects

This 501(c)(3) nonprofit was founded in 2005 by our Executive Director Susannah Tantemsapya in California. She expanded operations to Thailand in 2018 to open our largest project to date, Bangkok 1899, a cultural & civic hub established through funding from The Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Motor Company Fund.

Since 2011, our nonprofit has employed environmentally regenerative practices throughout our projects and day-to-day operations. Our current mission is evolving to focus primarily on a Global Hub Model expansion (with Bangkok 1899 as proof of concept) and launching a new Net Zero Storytelling pilot program.

“Creative Migration is a visionary organization that harnesses the power of art in an interconnected world. With a focus on social practice, the work of Creative Migration builds long-term relationships that foster community impact far beyond the life of the project. Their interdisciplinary approach addresses systemic change. From examining urban planning to creating opportunities for communities to break bread, their projects are engaging, thoughtful and impactful.”

Debra Scacco, Artist & Advisory Board Member
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