• In From The Cold

    Antennae, FM transmitter, car battery, solar panel, power inverter, media player (MP3), Memorex portable handheld radios, earbuds, looping audio file (75m4s).

    In From The Cold is a radiophonic piece in 6 +1 parts, intended for continuous transmission: 0. The Ice, 1. The Ship, 2. The Thaw, 3. The Deluge & The Storm, 4. The Drowned World, 5. The New Ooze, 6. Frost. With each section, the piece maps a myth of the world's origin with Antarctica at its center.

    Through the lens of the ice continent, In From The Cold focuses on environmental shifts, our limited perception of time, and life in extreme environments. A speculation about systemic changes over millennia, the piece contrasts human existence with geological timescales. Antarctica contains a stratigraphic index of geological epochs and preserves bacteria in cryostasis over millions of years. With rapidly rising temperatures caused by climate change, the Antarctic ice sheet is a time-bomb, releasing ancient life forms into a post-human primal ooze.

    In From The Cold features Anna Kleiva and was inspired by interviews with D. Graham Burnett, Christina Agapakis, Jana Winderen, Mike Harding and Stephanie Roland.

     Listen to the interviews here: 


    In From The Cold was presented at the Antarctic Pavilion during the 57th International Art Exhibition in Venice, Italy.

    Concept, Performance, Music and Sound: Jasmin Blasco
    Engineering: Jeremy Emery
    Project Coordinator: Sierra Feldner-Shaw