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    Filmmaker and social activist: Susannah Tantemsapya

    My passion is art and social activism. I am the Founder and Executive Director of Creative Migration, a non-profit organization that produces documentary films promoting art projects that inspire artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers, environmental activists and everyday citizens to promote and practice social change.

    The film project: Green Patriot Posters

    Our film builds on the momentum of Green Patriot Posters, a multi-channel campaign centered on posters that encourage all U.S. citizens to take part in building a sustainable economy. It has already reached 4-5 million people through bus ads, billboard campaigns, museum exhibitions and media coverage. 

    Here's the main story of our short documentary film:

    • the vivid and compelling poster campaign at 8 bus shelters in San Francisco during December 2010
    • the evolution and scope of the project including interviews with its founders and contributors
    • the sustainable practices used and modeled throughout the campaign and filmmaking process



    The communications campaign: a series of posters promoting environmental awareness and action

    • These posters were selected from Green Patriot Posters, created and curated by Edward Morris (co-founder of The Canary Project) and Dmitri Siegel (Director of Marketing at Urban Outfitters)
    • Morris and Siegel commission posters from design leaders, and have developed an online community for sharing and voting on original designs. The posters are then distributed as widely as possible, including an ecologically designed book, public advertising, workshops and our documentary film!


    The players: artists, advocates and urban dwellers

    We’re interviewing the following contributors/award-winning graphic artists: Shepard Fairey in Los Angeles, DJ Spooky and Michael Bierut in New York City and Mathilde Fallot in Paris; advocates for best environmental practices for artists; and people on the street who encountered these dynamic posters.

    The environmental conference: Project Green

    We are super excited because Green Patriot Posters is the only American film that has been invited to participate in Project Green, a sustainable filmmaking initiative and an environmental conference being held in Stockholm, Sweden in October 2011.


    The opportunities for you - when you contribute to Green Patriot Posters you will:

    • Learn to minimize your carbon footprint
    • Join us as we model and educate the public about sustainable environmental practices
    • Participate in a global community of artists, filmmakers, photographers, writers, publishers, activists and citizens advocating for social change
    • Get rewards including film credits, cool stickers, posters, copies of the Green Patriot Poster book, autographed copies of the book, and more
    • Make a tax deductible contribution to Creative Migration


    PLEASE DONATE to the Green Patriot Posters film and take actions towards a safe, green future! Help out and spread the word!