Kickstarter campaign

We're over 100% funded for our short documentary film on Green Patriot Posters for Project Green, a sustainable filmmaking initiative!  Thank you to everyone for making this happen ... 

  • Our Kickstarter rewards still apply - please indicate your request (while supplies last) & a note with your contact if you would like a tax receipt!



  • We have Shepard Fairey signed prints (8 left) for donations of $100 or more
  • There 8 (hand screen printed) posters by our logo designer, winterbureau for donations of $25 & $30
  • We have a $50 gift certificate from The Good Flock for a donation of $40!
  • The Canary Project (Associate Producer) provided matching donor funds of $500!

* We are also working with Brighter Planet to reduce our carbon offset for our filming and travel. Those costs are factored in so our production can be as sustainable as possible.

All our video updates are at:

We have some changes/developments to share.  We are now planning to interview Mathilde Fallot in Paris after our screenings in Stockholm.  She also has graciously agreed to design our documentary's poster - what an honor!

We are rescheduling our interview with Geoff McFetridge after our October screenings.

Here are our schedule changes for our interviews with the following key contributors for September/October: